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The Goon Show LIVE! guys love to get their radio-perfect faces on stage..

Here, Minnie, hold my elephant gun.

I don’t know what you brought it for. You can’t shoot elephants in England, you know.

And why not?

They’re out of season.

Does this mean we shall have to have pelican for dinner again?

I fear so, I fear so.

Then I’ll risk it. I’ll shoot an elephant out of season.

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pink elephants

Photo-Lense Crackers!

The Goon Show LIVE! guys have radio-perfect faces… so it was a challenge getting snap-shots of them in action.

Here are photos from the shows, and of the cast with our devoted fans.

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The perfect gift for the Goon Show tragic in your family…

Goon Show merchandise; 'the Battle of Waterloo', by award winning Australian cartoonist, Tony Kentuck

…or phone the producer, Bryan, on 0418 241 218 (+61.418 241 218 from outside Australia)

We’ve come to disconnect your phone.

The Red Bladder: 
I haven’t got one.

Don’t worry, we’ve brought one with us.

Goon Gossip

Spike Milligan interview about depression

As part of our celebration of the centenary of Spike’s birth, we are posting bits’n’pieces from the internet about this man. He was of course a very funny man, but there was another side to him… Here is an interview with Spike, in which he talks about his journey with…

Where Spike stands on Anthems

In celebration of the centenary of Spike’s birth this week, we are posting up some fun snippets of that funny guy. Here we find out where and how Spike stands when it comes to the national anthem… Don’t forget to buy your favourite Goon nut a special centenary pressie, discount…

Spike Milligan with a speaking impediment

To celebrate the centenary of Spike Milligan’s birth this week, we’re postinjg up a few fun bits’n’peices…. Here’s a delightful skit. Don’t forget to collect your Centenary Birthday Pressie, discounted tickets to our June and July dinner and show…. Get them here – or read more about the shows here.

Spike Milligan 100 years

Today, Monday 16th April 2018, is the centenary of Spike Milligan’s birth. He was born Terence Alan Milligan in Ahmed Nagar or Ahmadnagar, near Bombay in India on the 16th April 1918. He was the first-born child to an Irish-born officer in the British army, Leo Alphonso Milligan (1890-1969), and his wife,…

April Fools Day early-bird extension

Our early-bird tickets for the June and July dinner and show at the Palais Royale Hotel in Katoomba are hot hot hot… we only have a handful left (they’re all sold out for 30th June). They were only supposed to be available until midnight tonight… but it has just now dawned on…

Save $31 with Early-bird tickets

Tickets are now available for our annual Yulefest shows. This time around, we’re appearing at a larger venue; the stunning Palais Royale in Katoomba. We’ll be playing in their gorgeous French inspired ballroom. Our season is starting a little earlier, running from 23rd June to 14th July inclusive. Save $31…


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