the Goon Show LIVE!

THAT was a show indeed! 25th Nov. 2016

THAT was a show indeed! 25th Nov. 2016

The Goon Show LIVE! Return to Woy Woy

  • When was it?
    Friday 25th November 2016
  • Where?
    Woy Woy Leagues Club
    82-90 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy, NSW, 2256
    Venue Website | map

After the success of our show at Woy Woy Leagues Club in 2015, they asked us back – and of course we said Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.

SO we returned on 25th November 2016… and the fans just couldn’t get enough. We packed ’em in, with tickets selling right up the the last moment; and WHAT a CROWD!

Right from the moment that the house lights went down, the audience was hooked into the show; they didn’t even blink when our sound FX laptop lost power half way through the second episode.

Despite the problem, the actors ploughed on, creating their own noises, while our producer scrabbled around behind the scenes (and in the dark) trying to find the problem (it turned out that the plug had fallen out of the power-pack, so the machine was running on battery power which naturally ran out).

Power was restored within a few minutes – not that anyone seemed to care or even notice.

The applause at the end of the night was awesome – almost blew the roof off the Club.

Now, it’s time to get working on the next show….


The original episodes featured in this show were;

The Great Bank of England Robbery
Vintage Goons Series, Episode 11, Recorded: 2nd March 1958
Every 24 hours 873 robberies are committed, some of them by criminals. We present the crime of the century…

The Greenslade Story
Series 6, Episode 14, First broadcast on December 20, 1955. Script by Spike Milligan
Hear that applause, dear listener? It was not for Danny Kaye, not for Fred Lane. No. It was all for a common or garden BBC announcer, Wallace Greenslade. How did he come by this rapturous applause? It is with heavy heart and light kidneys that we tell you…


The Scarlet Capsule (or Quatermase OBE)
Series 9, Episode 14, First broadcast on February 2, 1959. Script by Spike Milligan
Today at approximately this afternoon, a discovery was made on the site of the Notting Hill Gate site of the government’s new dig-up-the-roads-plan-for-congesting-traffic scheme. Workmen in the absence of a strike settled for work as an alternative. It was during this brief lull in high-powered inertia that Morris Onions, a scaffolder’s knee-wrencher, stumbled across something he’d found.

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