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A very special guest; Desmond Patrick Bryan Milligan

A very special guest; Desmond Patrick Bryan Milligan

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Patrick Milligan; photo courtesy the Sydney Morning Herald

Desmond Patrick Bryan Milligan, the younger brother of ‘Spike’, is coming along to our opening night (Saturday 28th June) of The Goon Show LIVE! (read about the dinner and show here) at the Clarendon. – and then on the Sunday 29th, he’ll be giving a short talk about the Milligan family history.

Patrick (his preferred name) is ‘Milligan Royalty’, and the fact he’s accepted our invitation to see a recreation of one of his brother’s most famous accomplishments is a very special coup indeed. He’s had as colourful and action packed life as his younger brother, being born in Burma in 1925, Patrick  fought in the second world war, and went on working variously as an artist and author, as well as being involved in theatre.

At 88 years young, Patrick is an energetic character who over the last number of years has dedicated himself to the work of Milligan archivist. Recently he’s been giving talks about the Milligan family, showing photos including some from Burma and India where he and his brother spent some of their boyhood.

Patrick is going to be giving one such talk on Sunday 29th at 11am, at the Clarendon in Katoomba. This event is being offered free of charge to everyone who’s interested in hearing some fascinating Milligan history. The talk will include a Q&A, and will run for about an hour.

Event details;

  • When? Sunday 29th June at 11am
  • Where? Clarendon Guesthouse
  • Duration? Approximately 1 hour including Q&A

It’d be lovely to see you there to hear and meet this lovely man.

We’ve added this free event to Facebook; and we’d appreciate it if you would be happy to share this event with anyone who you feel may in interested;

Read a Sydney Morning Herald  article about Patrick;