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Another audience review

Another audience review

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We received this wonderful email from Nik… and thought we should share it in full;

“As a fan of The Goons since the age of 12 (I am now 87 – no just kidding) they were a very large and important part of my teenage years. I read the Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan biographies and Spike’s war autobiographies and collected The Goon Show scripts. Indeed I used to tape the shows which meant at my peak I had 107 episodes on tape.

The Goons really were important to and indeed influenced who I am. I saw Spike Milligan live and was a member for many years of The Goon Show Preservation Society (GSPS), through which I met Spike Milligan.

So coming on Saturday night was very special to me. For all said above what I was looking forward to was an evening of fun. It was clear on the night that many like minded people came as well. I was not disappointed – it was huge fun – 3 Goonshows!! Fantastic.

What I found brilliant as well was that people, whom were not familiar with The Goons still came and enjoyed their evenings. This was true of my party, as I was accompanied by both my Dad and youngest daughter.

I thoroughly recommend those than can get to the show on Saturday night – do so.

Many thanks to all whom helped organise and the actors themselves, whom apart from giving great performances looked like the original Goons as well. Spike Milligan indeed was a dead ringer!”

…Thank you Nik… want a job as our publicist?