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Christmas Crackers… a lost Goon Show episode

Christmas Crackers… a lost Goon Show episode

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As a very special treat for Yulefest Blue Mountains 2017, Goon Show fans are to be entertained by the episode ‘Christmas Crackers‘ which was written by Spike Milligan for inclusion in BBC Radio’s Christmas Day broadcast of 1953.

The casts of several then current comedy series performed short sketches on the subject of Christmas in general and Christmas Crackers in particular.

This sketch performed by the Goons was recorded at the same time as The Giant Bombardon (series 4, ep. 13), on Sunday 20 December of that year.

As far as it can be ascertained, this Goons sketch was never rebroadcast and are no known recordings of it.

The original script still exists, and is part of the Sir. Elton John Collection. Elton John bought the original scripts at auction in 1981 for £14,000. With Sir Elton’s permission, The Goon Show Preservation Society was able to scan this important Goons document.

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