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It was HOT Batter Pudding indeed!

It was HOT Batter Pudding indeed!

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Last night… what fun we had at the Warrawee Bowling Club. The audience was ready for laughter… and by golly they got exactly what they wanted.

It was an action-packed night of mayhem by all of Spike Milligan’s loveable rascals; Grytpype-Thynne, Moriarty, Eccles and the poor little lost boy Bluebottle along with the rest of the Goon Show characters.

After the show, the audience stayed around for over an hour afterwards meeting the cast – always a sign of a good show.

It was the second dinner and show for this limited season on Sydney’s North Shore; the last show is next Saturday 29th March… and if you’re intending to come along, you’d better get your finger out and start booking. We turned away a group of six yesterday afternoon because they were too slow…. so they booked for next Saturday’s show.

Get in there, because once it’s over, it’ll be… well, gone!

Read about the show here, or pull out the plastic and book here.