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Puff that chest out… audience reviews!

Puff that chest out… audience reviews!

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Just in case we didn’t have big enough heads, our cranial areas are swelling with some wonderful comments about our show last Saturday…

Phil C emailed us with this…

“LOVED The Goon Show LIVE! Saw the show at Warrawee Function Centre. We had a couple in their 30’s at our table…he was a long term fan and she became a fan during the show.”

Then he went on…

“I spoke to a bloke (a ten pound pom) who had been at the BBC and saw one of the original live Goon shows. He said that The Goon Show LIVE was as good as the original.”

Golly, we are impressed!

Ken B emailed us too with this lovely message;

“It was a great step back into a happier and simpler time when word skills and sounds were as good as they should always be. The Goon Show Live was a perfect tribute to the geniuses who created it all those years ago.”

Thank you Ken, we don’t mind not being geniuses ourselves.

Another Ken (hmm, there seem to be a few of them around) wrote…

“I can recommend The Goon Show Live to everyone who enjoys an informative and entertaining evening, a great meal in good company and seeing true craftsmen at work. The original Goon Show was the pinnacle of entertainment based on voices and sounds. There is no doubt that Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe were geniuses in their own ways. The input of the less well known Wallace Greenslade was a revelation to me. The new cast performed several classic skits with hilarious gags I had not heard. There was a crooner – David Watkins who performed pretty much whenever there was a break between Goon activity, and he revived wonderful musical memories.  The Warrawee Bowling Club venue is very accessible and comfortable with free and very adequate parking. You will be very glad you went – and the last show in this series is next Saturday 29 March.”

Well Ken, we’ve decided that we’ll go along and check it out ourselves… oh that’s right, we’re already going to be there!

On our Facebook page, Jim V commented with;

“…very professional and I can unreservedly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet booked. It’s been a long time since I had such an enjoyable evening’s entertainment…”

As always, we love to hear such tributes… We’d love to hear your thoughts, so book some tickets.