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Sound Off for opening night of The Goon Show LIVE!

Sound Off for opening night of The Goon Show LIVE!

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broken grammaphoneLast Saturday 27th June was the opening night of our Yulefest Blue Mountains dinner and show. It was indeed a night to remember.

The lovely restaurant at Hotel Blue in Katoomba was full to brimming with an audience ready for a night of good food and comedy… and they got more (or is that ‘less’?) than they bargained for.

The first two episodes (‘The Treasure in the Lake’ and ‘The Call of the West’) went off like a Batter Pudding at high speed. Audience ate well (a delicious Christmas-in-July dinner) and a good time was being had by all.

Then, as the cast hit the stage one last time for the evening’s entertainment, ready to present Spike Milligan’s hilarious adaption of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’,  disaster struck and our trusty sound effects died! Yes, the playlist which had been lovingly composed by John Stretton (out multi-talented SFX guy as well as playing Peter Sellers in the show)  decided to choose that moment to stop co-operating.

Worse, the back-up stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the original files, refusing to offer up the aural delights for the show.

It could have spelled disaster (spelled O-W-W-W!) however with some quick thinking and even quicker improvisation, the cast roped in the assistance of the entire audience – every member of which joined in and provided the most delightful sound effects imaginable. We didn’t even have to offer bribes!

Needless to say, that last episode for the night was the best of evening – according to our audience anyway, who all stayed on and enjoyed a port and coffee after the show, taking the opportunity to meet and chat with the cast.

As one audience-member said, “Well, it was really the perfect Goon-type end to the evening.” – We agree wholeheartedly.

Book your tickets here; only 6 shows to go for Yulefest 2015.