How about a Goon-type dinner menu?

As a special treat for the Goon Show fans who are on their way to our Yulefest Blue Mountains 2017 dinner and show, the wonderful people at The Metropole Katoomba have created a wonderful Goon-type menu. Feast your eyes on this, then bring your gurgling tummy along… Entree Moriarty’s Owwwnion…

Audiences Reviews for The Goon Show LIVE!

Audience responses to The Goon Show LIVE! are so flattering… here are a few clips of what people thought of some of our past shows; Find out for yourself at our next show this Saturday 1st July

It’s Christmas-Crackers-in-July Time

As a very special treat for Yulefest Blue Mountains 2017, Goon Show fans are to be entertained by the episode ‘Christmas Crackers‘ which was written by Spike Milligan for inclusion in BBC Radio’s Christmas Day broadcast of 1953. The casts of several then current comedy series performed short sketches on…

Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show tickets still available for December 17th

What are you waiting for? The boys of The Goon Show LIVE! have been working hard (if you can describe what they actually do as ‘working’), bringing the best of British Comedy to the stage. After successful tours to the NSW Central Coast and Sydney throughout 2016, they are returning to…

THAT was a show indeed! 25th Nov. 2016

The Goon Show LIVE! returns to Woy Woy

  • Simon Lenthen is Harry Secombe in The Goon Show LIVE!

    Simon Lenthen is Harry Secombe in The Goon Show LIVE!

    When? Friday night 25th November 2016 at 8pm

  • Where? Woy Woy Rugby Leagues Club
    82 Blackwall Road
    Woy Woy
    Gosford 2256 Australia

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US Elections, a bit Goon Show

via GIPHY The US elections are bit like a Goon Show, so why not go whole hog – instead of Clinton or Trump, vote Eccles for President! Come along to Woy Woy Leagues Club on the 25th November to cast your vote. Book Now

now THAT was a SHOW… 15th October 2016 at Star Bar, Sydney

The Goon Show LIVE! at the Star Bar, SydneyThe Goon Show LIVE!

The Goon Show LIVE! hits the road and ends up in George Street, right in the middle of Sydney City at the wonderful Star Bar.

Classic British Comedy is sooo popular

It seems that Classic British Comedy just wont go away… with ‘Fawlty Towers’ on stage in Sydney going strong – and The Goon Show LIVE! pulling British Comedy fans from everywhere. If you love John Cleese’s classic, and other shows such as ‘Are You Being Served?’, ‘Dad’s Army’ and ‘Steptoe…

Fathers Day last minute gift

Is Dad the one in your family who always has something funny to say about any situation? Is your Father always ready with some quick quip? Does he specialise in those ‘Dad Jokes’? The chances are that he has honed his craft listening to the ultimate ‘Dad-Joke’ clowns… The Goon…

The Goon Show LIVE! keeps going on

We have been very lucky with our show The Goon Show LIVE!, which seems to have won the hearts and ears of a very loyal…

The Last Bit of 2016 Tour

We’ve barely recovered from our 2016 Yulefest dinner and show… and we’re now getting geared up for the rest of 2016. We have three shows planned; October 15th at the Star Bar Comedy Theatre, right in the middle if Sydney November 25th at Easts Leagues Club in Woy Woy, on the…

Another Yulefest Blue Mountains season done and dusted

Whoosh! Once again the boys of The Goon Show LIVE! created mayhem and spread a general sense of silliness throughout July at Hotel Blue in Katoomba, with their dinner and show.

As always, fans came from far and wide to listen and watch the gang in action, and meet them afterwards:

Annette and Joe review The Goon Show LIVE!

Last weekend, we held two shows… the first on on Saturday night was a dinner and show, and then on Sunday we have a special Afternoon Tea. My goodness, the fans just keep[ on coming.

Along with all our regulars, we seem to be finding more and more new fans. On Saturday, Annette and Joe gave us this wonderful video review…

There is only one more Yulefest Blue Mountains Dinner and Show left, on Saturday 30th July, so book your tickets before we run away.

More video reviews for The Goon Show LIVE! at Yulefest Blue Mountains

Last Saturday’s was terrific, with so many returning fans, as well as few newbies.

Here’s another collection of video reviews taken on the night…

Such Flattery, we can’t get enough

Last Saturday was a BLAST! It was a show like no other… one table in particular was very much involved with the show, quoting lines back at the actors, and even chorusing Eccles’ famous line “He’s fallen in the water” every time there was the merest hint of a splash. There…

And the audience reviews get better and better

Rave reviews for The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show at Yulefest Blue Mountains

David Attrill is Wallace Greenslade

David Attrill talks about his experience playing Wallace Greenslade in The Goon Show LIVE!

Meet our David at one of our shows; he’s not scary, promise.

Read more about David here.

Yulefest Blue Mountains rehearsals for The Goon Show LIVE!

In the lead-up to our dinner and show at Hotel Blue in Katoomba, here’s John ‘Peter Sellers’ Stretton in rehearsal.

It’s a funny scene from Spike Milligan’s ‘The Missing No. 10 Downing Street”.

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What do our audiences say about The Goon Show LIVE! ?

What do our fans say?

Here are some snippets of what people have been saying about our show over the last few years…

What will happen to No. 10 Downing Street?

In a few days the people will have their say, voting to keep Britain within the EU, or make a Brixit and go it alone…

We’ve been pondering what the new look at No. 10 Downing Street might be either event; we reckon Vote 1, Neddy Seagoon for PM!

Share this around and see what the world thinks…

Henry & Min

Another delightful conversation between Henry Crun (played by Robin Queree) and Minnie Bannister (lovingly brough to life by John Stretton), those lovebirds…

Henry! Henry Crun.

Yes, er… Minnie. Are you calling?…